Our process starts with gaining a deep understanding of your values and unique perspective on finances. We make it our goal to anticipate your needs, taking proactive steps to make timely recommendations that hold true to your best interests.

Once we have insight into your distinct financial situation, we begin to design a highly customized, integrated wealth management solution. When creating your personalized plan, we use strategies based on key principles, such as the importance of prudent diversification and the central role of asset


To build your portfolio, we use a highly consultative process that allows us to uncover your unique situation and build an investment strategy around your needs.

Based on your goals and objectives, together we’ll determine what your customized financial strategy should be, taking into consideration your:

  • Investment goals
  • Time horizon
  • Income needs
  • Tax considerations
  • Retirement dreams
  • Charitable giving desires
  • Risk tolerance
  • Performance expectations
  • Liquidity requirements
  • Current investments
  • Legacy creation

We’ll construct your portfolio to reflect your personal goals, time horizon, and risk parameters, as well as other considerations.

We have access to a breadth of investment types and choices to construct custom-tailored portfolios. Supported by the expertise of experienced research strategists, we’ll identify the most appropriate investment strategies by considering the following:

  • Asset allocation models
  • Correlation between asset classes
  • Investment types
  • Risk/reward characteristics of asset classes
  • Diversification
  • Investment platforms
  • Investment managers

Based on the combined attributes of the individual asset classes and your goals, we’ll formulate an asset allocation plan just for you. Your portfolio may include, but is not limited to, mutual funds, stocks, bonds, and exchange-traded products.

Once we’re ready to bring your portfolio to life, we’ll discuss your expectations and review what we want to accomplish through your customized strategy. To get your portfolio up and running, we’ll:

  • Transition your existing securities
  • Determine the type of account ownership and beneficiaries
  • Discuss the source of funds
  • Complete and sign all paperwork

Once your investments are in place, we’ll continue to review and manage your portfolio on an ongoing basis. Portfolio rebalancing is a critical component of the strategic asset allocation process and essential to the long-term success of your portfolio. Rebalancing is designed to ensure that the allocation of your assets remains in line with your stated investment objectives. Because the relative performance of various asset classes will vary, portfolios that aren’t reviewed on a regular basis tend to drift from their target allocations.

A portfolio that isn’t regularly rebalanced could assume a risk/reward profile that isn’t consistent with your investment objectives. Your portfolio will be reviewed on a periodic basis and adjusted when needed to help maintain the optimal allocation of your investments. The ongoing management of your portfolio will include:

  • Regular meetings and discussions so you can feel comfortable with your continued strategy
  • Active, ongoing portfolio reviews
  • Periodic reexamination of your investment strategy to make sure it continues to stay aligned with your situation and objectives
  • Rebalancing decisions
  • Consolidated quarterly performance reports

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